Class Decriptions

We offer private sessions also: 1/2 Hour: $50 - 1 Hour: $100

Aerial Silks *Adults and Kids*

Silks can be used to get into the best shape of your life! We learn to build up enough strength to hold ourselves in the air, invert, climb up them, and more. We learn wraps, focus on proper technique, and eventually learn tricks and sequences from up in the air! We focus on safety and building a strong foundation from the ground before advancing into the air. This can be a class for

beginners or the seasoned professional!

Aerial Hammock


A great class to begin building the strength and flexibility needed for aerial silks. We learn fun poses, pretty sequences, and the basics of inverting, all while using muscles needed to lift our own body weight.

Lyra (Aerial Hoop)

Adds a gymnastic aspect to the aerial arts. This suspended metal hoop can be balanced from, sat in, and flipped around.

Dance Classes

We have Choreography and Hip-Hop classes for those to improve their dance and/or form in the air. Every class targets a specific genre to be a well rounded performer. Finally for some fun, and to put the new founded technique to use, we will then do a short choreographed piece.


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